Glad Tidings Tabernacle Board of Elders

GTT Board of Elders

The Glad Tidings Tabernacle Board of Elders. The members are (Left to Right from front row): Deacon Leroy Browne, Deaconness Magdelene Constance, Deaconnes Virginia Cumberbatch, Deaconness Clara Plato, Deaconness Evelyn Cain, Deacon Alcado Grecia, Deacon Basil Williams, Deaconness Delcina Williams, Deacon Norman Matthews, Head Deacon Winfeild Cumberbatch, Deacon Crispin Charles, Deaconness Joanna Cumberbatch, Deaconness Laurette Davis, Deaconess Jenifer Williams and Deacon Horace Plato.

Glad Tidings Tabernacle Administrative Board

Bishop Sonny E. Williams


Bishop Sonny Williams is an Ordained Minister and Marriage Officer with the Pentecostal Assemblies of the West Indies and has been in active Pastoral Ministry for the past thirty three (33) years.

Morine Williams

First Lady

Mrs. Morine Williams has served alongside with her husband, Bishop Williams for the past 32 years.She serves in the areas of Sunday School, Worship Department Choir ( Click >> to read more)

Andre Boyde

Board Member

Mr. Andre Boyde has been a christian for the past 25 years and holds a BSc. in Bible and Theology. He has a passion for children and youth ministries and currently serves as Christian Education Superintendent.